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Quitting a successful role as a consultant Mechanical  Engineer in England I am pursuing a life in Italy exploring a more creative output.


I am an English Model/Photographer and DJ, working in Milan as a professional photographer alongside a busy life as a model.  

I started my adult life in Newcastle in the north of England, here I studied Mechanical Engineering, in my spare time I dedicated to learning the art of DJing and went on to run a successful club night.

Having been scouted to join model agency's in London while I was younger, I was approached again at 27 to give it another go.  Living as a full time engineer, I was happy to explore other options as I felt I had more to offer to world.  

After a successful first test I went on to join a small agency and then complete a few small jobs over the next couple of years juggling model castings with corporate meetings..

Alas this did not last, I decided that if I was going to take this seriously had to reform my life and commit.  I moved to Thailand to train and work on altering my life style, luckily covid struck at this time and I was "stranded".


I have always enjoyed photography and had a budget camera which I kept the settings on auto to take random pics from time to time for a bit of fun.


This is when I decided to turn a hobby into a profession, I bought my first camera and lens.  While working on some TVC and spending a year DJing on a few beaches I spent my time learning photoshop and photography.  It was time for me to move back to Europe and commit to my model career.  I finally was to move to Milan, the fashion capital of the world.

I failed, I had to go to Greece (Athens) as the only other alternative to the UK, the only other place I was legally allowed to go.  I booked my ticket.  I spent 6 months in Greece working as a full time model and spending my free time doing test shoots for models and editing.

After the summer in Athens I was eager to start some more serious work, I decided to move to Milan, my original European destination.  


Upon arrival in Milan, a fresh face, I had my bookings with the different agencies scheduled, I was looking forward to getting signed and be back to work.

I was happy to receive an offer from Fashion Model Management to which I accepted.


A couple of years living in Milan having worked steadily on both sides of the lens I am eager to push my success further.

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